The founder of Shalom Catholic Community, Moysés Azevedo, preached for the participants of the Shalom International Youth Meeting


The founder of the Shalom Catholic Community, Moysés Azevedo, preached for the participants of the Shalom International Youth Meeting in the afternoon of this Monday,1 august, carried out one day after the end of World Youth Day. He stressed the words of Francis Pope about the need for young people to engage in the experience and proclamation of the Gospel which is the way of true happiness and transformation of the world. Moysés renewed the commitment of his life to God and the Church, as he had done 34 years before at the feet of John Paul II. This gesture today has special significance as it was held in Krakow, in the Sanctuary that bears the name of the Polish pontiff.


‘We are part of Christ’s resurrected body in this world. The world suffers and waits for the revealing of the children of God. So the world, the humanity awaits you, for the gift of your life, ‘said the founder for hundreds of young people from several countries participating in the Shalom Community prayer groups.

Read more excerpts from preaching Moyses Azevedo:

Three things I would like to remember that the mercy of God make in us:

1) Jesus, with His mercy, forgive our sins

2) Jesus, with His mercy, erases our sins

3) Jesus transforms our heart

If there is one thing that God has is a memory problem with our sins. Yes, because when we come to Him with our repentant heart, when we seek the sacrament of confession, Jesus forgives. Jesus erases and forgets our sins forever, forever. If we approach Him with a repentant heart, He forgives us and erase those sins of our life. It is as if we had never committed them.

I do not know about you, but I have few pages in the book of my life that I would not have written. And I say, ‘Oh my God, how I wish this had not happened. ‘ It happens to you? Yes or no? I want to tell a news: Jesus, with His mercy, forgive and off so our sins, he kicks off, kneads and throws out those pages. It erases our sins. Before Him, they no longer exist. Faced with a contrite heart, God’s mercy blot out our sins and gives us hope of a new life.

Jesus, with his mercy, forgive and erases so our sins, he plucks it out, kneads and throw away those pages. He erases our sins. Before him, the sins no longer exist. Before a heart repented, God’s mercy erases our sins and gives us hope of a new life.

And the third thing: Jesus forgives, Jesus forgets and Jesus transforms. But He changes us from the inside out. Yes, because God’s mercy is able to change our history. He not only forgives us, he not only forgets our sins, He makes us new creatures. It changes our history! It makes us able to do differently. If you open your heart, the grace can transform it. You can change your history. Because His mercy is eternal.


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