A place where God taught me that true Love is a synonym of life offering




The experience I have made in Tunisia’s mission was very surprising and which will mark my life for ever. I have seen the action of the Father’s merciful’s heart which drove me to the desert to speak to my heart. 

When I have beem sent to Tunisia, I did not know exactly what I would find there, but I had the opportunity to know a deeply happy church, with a beauty characterized by a  joy of life, which is seen on the face of every priest, consecrated, missionary who had the grace to know it. I have met in the desert the richness of offering my life every day, this offering lived each time, in every minute, in which every simple occasion become a great opportunity to learn.  

A place where God taught me that true Love is a synonym of life offering.


First to Him, and then to my brothers and to those who have been confided to me. One of the aspects which marked me the most is the mystery of visitation, and step by step, I have understood that being missionary in a land of mission where the majority of the people is not christian, it is not a conquest, a reason why I shall consider myself prepared. No. It is to contemplate that Jesus is present there. I could ask to myself: “What does He want from me?” The answer is simple: The Lord wanted me to be an instrument of His Love, to visit each borther and sister, to help them also to do this experience of an encounter with Him. In this way, we would experiment together a joy similar to the one that poured between Isabel and Maria. This joy opened my heart to discover the other, the other who professes the same faith than me, or not. 

To see the other always like a gift, a sacred mystery. 

A space that I am called to approach with respect, by welcoming, sharing about lives, experiences, we can walk on a fantastic way of friendship. I could not count the fruits of everything that the Lord has made in my life during this time of mission, but my heart has the conviction that He has done wonders. 


Paulo Victor Saraiva Sousa



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