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“My life has changed”

Acamps 2018 was a very meaningful time for me and one of the most extraordinary moments that I have lived in my life as a Christian. The experience I had at this festival is almost beyond description and I still can’t fully explain it. I remember the recreational evenings as if they were yesterday: full […]

Pope Francis: to love your enemies, prayer is a game-changer

The path to holiness and sainthood, Pope Francis said, requires imitating Christ by loving our enemies and praying for those who wrong us even when it is difficult. “It’s true, God the Father is merciful,” he said. “And you? Are you merciful, are you merciful with the people who have hurt you? Or who do […]

Pope: “make space for God’s love so He can change you”

Pope Francis says we are loved by God in a way that no theologian can explain. He was speaking during morning Mass in the Casa Santa Marta. Taking his cue from the first reading from the prophet Isaiah in which the Lord says He is “about to create new heavens and a new earth”, Pope […]
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