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Expedição Missionária Madagascar 2019

Shalom volunteers provide humanitarian assistance and help bring eternal life to the people in Madagascar

“Soon after we arrived on Saturday in the early afternoon, we were approached by a distressed father looking for Shalom volunteer doctors because his newborn baby was in the hospital suffering from several life-threatening conditions,” said Jeovana Freitas, the Community’s Councilor for Human Promotion.

Hope comes to Africa

In February, Shalom Catholic Community missions in Europe began a fundraising campaign to help our missions on the African continent. The campaign, “Your help brings hope to Africa”, continues through to the end of July. Since the campaign began four months ago, we have received significant amounts of financial aid, as well as witnessed the […]

From Babel to Pentecost: missionary life in foreign lands

Having ‘nothing’ and at the same time having ‘everything’. Finding the face of God in the face of people. Recognize His love in the lives of others. Be comforted in the heart of one’s brother. Living an ascetic life. But who needs material riches when we have the abundant Providence of the Lord? Each new […]
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