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Christus vivit, I chose to be consecrated

One year after the Synod on young people, Catholic youth from around the world engage with "Christus vivit", Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation. "It's a huge call before a small, grateful response". This is how Barbara, missionary of the Shalom Catholic Community, describes her own vocation: not one of a woman religious, but of a young lay missionary who chose to bear witness to God by giving herself to Him. The Pope writes: Jesus always casts out the nets.

Why Herod was afraid of a little child?

Who was King Herod and why did he decide to kill all the children in his kingdom who were less than two years old? Why did a powerful king fear poor and unknown baby? Why does fear often generate violent and disproportionate reactions?
And why does the Catholic Church celebrate this tragedy as a feast at […]