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Annual General Meeting of Shalom Catholic Community



Moysés Azevedo, founder of Shalom Catholic Community
Moysés Azevedo, founder of Shalom Catholic Community

   Since the beginning of last week, Moysés Azevedo, the founder of Shalom Catholic   Community, has been preaching to the  participants of Shalom’s Annual General Meeting. The days have been spent in prayer and silence, which seeks to encourage reflection and dialogue with God.  In one of his lectures, he discussed about  the “seven evils”,  that   according to the Pope, man is at risk of falling. They are : laziness, fascination for provisional, corruption, worldliness, careerism, immobility and Pelagianism ( defends that the  man is totally responsible for their own salvation and do  not need the grace of God).

Moysés also  proposed conscience examination  and trust in God’s Mercy as  way of living, according to  him “the transformation that the Community,  Church and  World need happens initially  in the person  itself, when one assumes the truth and accepts the Divine Mercy”.

Moysés quoted  Saint Francis of Assisi : “Let us begin again, brothers. For until now we have done little or nothing.”. We need, said Moysés, to have this healthy desire. The greatest instrument of renewal within the Church, has always been a life that let itself be transformed  ” and added:

“Before we ask  God what he  wants from us , before we hear him, or allow  him to  lead us, it is important  to ask God to  tell us what to do in each one of us! We need evangelical courage to listen God speaking to me, for the change has to happen within me. If this [renovation] does not start hitting our life becomes unfruitful. For our good and the good of our community, let us allow God take the log out of our eye. I conclude with an appeal: trust in God’s mercy and hope. because he will surprise us “

Paula Mainardi

Missionary of Shalom Catholic Community



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  1. Shalom Bill,This is not quite totally on topic but the piemrse is still the same, man was created with the unique quality to choose therefore there always had to have been a remnant in Egypt that still held to the way of God in their hearts. The commands they had been taught from their youth that came down through Abraham although suppressed and oppressed by Pharaoh were crying out and Yahweh knew and heard the hearts of the remnant seed of Abraham and as we all know, it has always been about the heart. So I ask you to please consider this.Yahweh created man with choice. He gave us HIS unique quality of choice (mercy and grace, light v. suppression and oppression, darkness (Ps 8). We also know that everything on earth is a reflection of that in heaven thus the reason we are given the history of the fall of Lucifer and the testing of Yeshua for 40 days. But the difference is, both Yeshua’s (Word of God) and Lucifer’s original realm was the heavenly kingdom of Yahweh so Yahweh needed to have someone of His likeness to rule the earth in His image with one stipulation, mankind must rule according to Yahweh or should we say the Word of Yahweh for mankind to continue in the blessings of Yahweh.Therefore, Yahweh needed to position a first test for man and since Yahweh tells us that He is the One who created all things, even evil and uses it for His purposes something needed to appear before mankind as a way for Yahweh to test their hearts. Yahweh also forwarned Adam who was to see to it that Havah heeded Yahweh’s instructions and obeyed.Hasatan comes up with nothing new of his own, this we know for a fact. He takes what Yahweh had already planted and preverts it. Also, for man to have the unique quality of free will/choice, Yahweh had to put a test in the garden for them otherwise what free will/choice would there be? On day 3 of creation, the earth brought forth plants bearing seed of like kind and it was good. But if earth was to be a reflection of the heavenlies, then there also needed to be a symbol so to speak of the evil that Lucifer had spread in the heavenlies.From the time of Adam’s creation and Yawheh bringing Havah forth from Adam, to them having offspring after the fall, we see that there had to have been many years spent in the garden before sin entered. There was a great time of testing. As Sarah, Rivkah and Rebecca’s wombs were bare until the testing had been completed, so too was Havah’s. As a woman and a mother, I can only imagine what it would be like to give birth without pain and suffering, but it is through pain and suffering that great blessings come from. Without sin, man would have never known the true blessing of the Word of Yahweh.So it is my new belief that The Word of Yahweh did place that tree in the garden. It was not brought forth from seed planted in the earth as then the earth would have become corrupt before man had even sinned which is a total 180 of what Scripture teaches.Without choice in the beginning, there is nothing to test man against and therefore man could not have been created with the unique quality to choose which means Yahweh could be construed as a angry God who sits as Almighty dictator over the world rather than the God of love, peace, mercy and grace that He truly is.No, the tree had to have been placed not brought forth from mixed seed . And since it was mankind that corrupted the earth, not the other way around, and Lucifer can not create anything but only has the ability to misuse what The Word had already brought forth, then the only one who could have putthe tree of knowledge of good and evil in the midst of the garden was the ONE who was, is and will always be incorruptable, the Word of God! All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. The tree did not come from nothing and was there from the time Adam entered the garden and before Havah was formed from Adam’s rib. The earth brought forth what had been sown in her, BUT the two trees in the midst of the garden, those were special. The seed of them was not the kind of seed that would reproduce from the dirt of the earth, NO, their seed would reproduce fruit that comes forth from the hearts of man.Oh how I love the Word! What wonders it holds and what blessings it brings tothose who have it in their hearts to search it out to learn the hidden things meant for mankind to find and be blessed with. Yahweh sent another judgment on us yesterday. Another sound of His trumpet so to speak but amazingly, yesterday and today my heart has been at total peace!Shalom Alecheim!Linda