The official logo of WYD 2019 in Panama came out



As it has been revealed at the beginning of the year, Shalom Catholic Community is going to open a missionary house in Panama. We have met father Cristiano Pinheiro, international assistant of the general Moderator, who told us how the community is going to be involved in the World Youth Day.

“On next September our Community is going to open a house in Panama with 5 missionaries of Life Community who are going to begin the works of evangelization there, but in a special way they are going to work, for about 1 year and a half, in the local organization committee of the World Youth Day, in communion with the archdiocese of Panama. Most of their occupation their will be about the event’s registrations but working also with all the WYD’s organization.

We’ve had a similar experience in Krakow in 2016 when in 2015 we sent the first missionaries there to build the first mission of the community in Poland. The missionaries arrived with as their main apostolate, until the World Youth Day, a collaboration with the committee on the registrations section.

The community helped also this event’s organization in Rio de Janeiro with several missionaries from the mission of the city, serving in various sections of the committee; and also in Madrid. We had sent a missionary of the community to help in the organization tasks.

It became a sort of tradition in Shalom Community to send missionaries there. Panama is going to be our second experience to open a house in the city of the WYD, in order to have a first time of mission which the apostolate would be entirely dedicated to help the committee on the preparation. This is a great grace.

His Grace Jose Ulloa, archbishop of Panama, formally invited our community to establish a missionary presence to help to the World Youth Day organization but also to stay there to develop works of evangelization and formation of young people in the City of Panama.

Shalom Community is going to be entirely dedicated to the Panamanian youth and is very happy to send young missionaries who speak the five main languages of the World Youth Day (Spanish, English, Italian, French and Portuguese) in order to be a part of this worldwide event.”


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