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Pope at Audience: Fruits of pilgrimage to Turkey

Pope Francis had words of praise and thanks for Turkey and the Salesian fathers of Istanbul, for all the good and “hidden” work they do for countless refugees from the Iraqi and Syrian wars. Retracing the steps of his recent pilgrimage to Turkey during his general audience Wednesday, the Pope also highlighted the constant need […]

Rescued By Love

By: Daiana Barboza There is this new song by Sia, which is called “Swing from the Chandelier” and up until this moment I did not bother to pay attention to the lyrics. So I took the time and looked them up to understand the song better. The song brought back so many memories from a […]

Can You ID the Devil?

The Chief Exorcist of Rome explains how the devil does appear. In a short interview with Rome’s Chief Exorcist, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, reporter Stefano Stimamiglio asks what the devil looks like. Father Gabriele: The devil is pure spirit, he has no corporeal substance and therefore cannot be represented in a form we can fully comprehend. […]
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