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How do I become a missionary of the Shalom Catholic Community?

The vocation to the Shalom Community is a call from God that is addressed to every baptized member of God's people, who having had an experience with the Risen One who has passed through the cross and who baptizes in the Holy Spirit (Jn 20,19- 22), and confessing the Catholic faith, receives the call to follow it according to the spirit of this vocation.
Emmir Nogueira, cofundadora da Comunidade Shalom


  Maria Emmir Oquendo Nogueira is the co-founder and is responsible for all of the formation in the Shalom Catholic Community. Emmir is married and has four children. She was born in Fortaleza, Brazil. She lived in Rio de Janeiro from when she was five years old until her twenties. She received her education from […]

Acamps Family

Here is the testimony of a mother who participated with her family in an Acamp’s, an event of the Community. She told Comshalom about the spiritual and human experience they have lived together, with other families.  God wants opened families, strengthened in the unity of Christ and in the joy which is source of life, […]

Friendship Love in a Relationship

  Once a couple has developed a deep level of romantic love, they usually move onto friendship love.  This is also very important for a happy marriage.  Often when people who have been married for 50 years are interviewed, they are asked what is their secret to a long and happy marriage.  A common answer […]

7 Edith Stein quotes every woman should read

Edith Stein was always an over-achiever. Born in Germany in 1891, and eventually known by her religious name, St. Teresa Benedicta, Stein could have been expected to lead a quiet life out of the public eye — since women at the time were offered a significantly smaller number of roles to play in society than men. […]
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