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Church, mission, poverty and Evangelization through the world, the topics of Shalom International Youth Congress in Rome

During the Shalom International Youth Congress, the talk in the afternoon received special guests to speak about very important topics in today’s young people lives. Vitor Aragão, Life Community missionary and responsible for the Youth Advisory of Shalom Community, and Teresa Maria from the Mission of Toulon, France, were leading the moment. To talk about […]

Church of The Risen One Who went through the Cross

A house with open doors where many will come and from where many will leave, having experienced God’s mercy which can transform lives. This is the Church of The Risen One Who went through the Cross that is being built at Shalom Catholic Community’s headquarters in Aquiraz, metropolitan area of ​​Fortaleza city, Brazil. Sand and metal so far. […]

Pope Francis: the mother Church embraces persecuted Iraqis

At the General Audience Wednesday, Pope Francis told Arabic speaking pilgrims and “particularly those from Iraq,” that “like all mothers,” the Church accompanies her needy children.  She “raises up the fallen child, heals his wounds, seeks the lost… and defends those who are defenseless and persecuted.”  The Pope assured “especially these last of you, the […]
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