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Holy Land

Shalom Holy Land News Shalom Vocation in the Holy Land On 16th April, in Nazareth, Shalom Catholic Community celebrated with great joy the acceptance of Linda Zaher into the Community Formation Path. She is an arabic from the hometown of Jesus. After two years of experience as a postulant, she ... ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+WhatsappEmail Haifa Nazareth Haifa […]


Shalom Haifa Shalom Shalom Community holds Halleluya Festival in the Holy Land The event was broadcasted worldwide and celebrated 20 years of the Community's presence in Israel. ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+WhatsappEmail By Cássia Carvalho A Piece of Peace in Haifa It’s not usual to hear good news from the Middle East, frequently it is reported about war, tensions, […]


Shalom Boston Testimony Discovering God’s presence in a time of crisis, Erik's testimony Erik is a member of the open prayer group in the Shalom Boston mission. This Easter, he was welcomed into the Catholic Church. ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+WhatsappEmail Feeding Cambridge’s Hungry Last Saturday, Shalom’s Boston mission set out to provide hot meals to the homeless and […]

Shalom in London

Shalom London Formation Saint Michael's Lent: have you heard of it? There is an old devotion that seemed to be quite popular especially in the 13th up to the 18th century before it started to disappear. After many years, this devotion is being revived in many countries particularly in America and is ... ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+WhatsappEmail Salt of […]


Shalom Toronto Shalom Friends of the Poor: Shalom welcomes homeless people during the pandemic The project ensures basic rights such as food, hygiene, social housing, health and also encourages solidarity, awareness of the fight for Covid-19 and faith. ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+WhatsappEmail Toronto Toronto 879 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C 1C4, Canadá Contatos: (416) 8180312/ (647) […]


Shalom Nazareth Opinion “The Culture of Peace and the Franciscan Presence in the Holy Land” by Fr. George Lewett O.F.M.       While in initial formation as a Franciscan of the Holy Land in the United States. The Guardian of the community, who was also teaching me and my confreres a course in faith renewal, told […]


O Reviver já começou! Você já pensou em passar um carnaval diferente? Diferente como? Cheio da Graça do Amor de Deus! Se a resposta é sim, não deixe de participar deste evento organizado em todo o Brasil por nossa Comunidade, entre os dias 7 e 9 de Fevereiro. No Reviver teremos Pregações, Apresentações Artísticas, Cursos […]

Hemoce realiza coleta de sangue no Renascer

Há 11 anos, o Centro de Hematologia e Hemoterapia do Ceará (Hemoce) mantém parceria com a Comunidade Católica Shalom, disponibilizando anualmente posto de coleta durante o evento Renascer, que acontece no Ginásio Paulo Sarasate durante o carnaval. Clique aqui e confira as cidades que realizarão o Renascer/Reviver. A unidade móvel, nos dias 2, 3 e […]