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Pope Francis: When we want to give up, God helps us persevere

On Wednesday Pope Francis said each person must strive to imitate the perseverance and consolation of God, which not only gives us the strength to keep going, but also to help others who are in difficulty. “Perseverance we can also define as patience; it’s the ability to support, to remain faithful, even when the weight […]

Iceland knows the secret to stopping teen substance abuse

In the past 20 years, teen alcohol and drug abuse plummeted among Icelandic youth… but why? In the past 20 years, Iceland’s rates of teen drinking, smoking, and drug use rates have drastically plummeted. Mosaic Science reports that in 1998, the percentage of 14- to 16-year-olds who reported being drunk in the previous month was 42 percent […]

Archbishop advisor of Pope Francis visits Shalom

The president of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, is going to visit the General Government of Shalom Catholic Community by the end of January of 2017 in Aquiraz, Ceará. An intense program will mark the visit of the Archbishop, President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of […]

Shalom Catholic Community opens a new house in Rome

SHALOM COMMUNITY OPENS A NEW HOUSE IN ROME                  On Saturday, 15th October 2016, in the southern part of the Italian capital, in the surroundings of Torvegata University, Shalom Catholic Community opened a new mission house. Reverend Javier Martínez Fernández, archbishop of Granada/Spain, presided over the celebration of the dedication and opening of the […]

The worst sinners who became saints

Ask any Catholic to name a sinner who became a great saint and most will answer, “St. Augustine.” As a teenager, Augustine abandoned the Catholic faith for the pagan Manicheans sect, and took a mistress; they lived together for 17 years and had a son. Without meaning to diminish in any way the seriousness of […]

Can a sinner become a saint?

Did canonized saints ever commit sin? Were they born with a halo? Were they perfect in every way possible? In the eyes of many Christians saints can appear too “heavenly” or “perfect” to be imitated. Often when reading a biography of a saint the reader can be left with the false impression that if you […]

My story at Halleluya

#mystoryatHalleluya The first time at Halleluya Teofilo Filho went for the first time to Halleluya Festival in Fortaleza and now he shares with his experience which was an experience of peace and many good surprises. An invitation and a surprise The invitation came from my girlfriend. She called me to join her on a […]
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