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God showed me that I am not alone

The Shalom community came into my life at the best time, it was a difficult but very beautiful moment. It came to stay in my heart forever. I met the community through a very good friend, a girl full of energy and noble heart. It was at a birthday party for both her and a […]

Shalom showed me that I am a child of God

My name is Javier Francisco Kovacs Benitez. I’m 32 years old, and I’m a pride Paraguayan! I was raised as a Catholic since I was a kid and although my family broke up when I was a child, I became quite involved with the church while attending school, but this dramatically changed when I was […]
Identidade Visual Comunidade Católica Shalom
Shalom Acamps Summer Festival – Ready to go! Luana Santana - Jul 5, 2022 Church Shalom Community participates in the World Meeting of Families in Rome Shalom Carlo and an Eucharistic Community Shalom “All roads lead to Rome” Shalom Convention 2022 Formation To read and live the word of God Those who have the Bible […]
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