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Shalom Community in the Week of Missions in Poland

jovens alemanha
Shalom Youth from Germany

The Week of missions up to one week before WYD is known also as “Days in the diocese”. It is catechetical sessions held in the host and in nearby dioceses. It began in the edition of Paris in 1997 as a proposal to involve all french people in World Youth Day.  In the opportunity the Church of France promoted several meetings in order to find the best way to evangelize the youth of French with the young people who came from all over the world for Youth Day. The idea proved to be an inspiration of God and continues today as part of programming that precedes WYD in Krakow, Poland, in 2016.

jovens franca toulon
Shalom Youth from France

During the days of the Week of missions, the churches provide a great opportunity for the young pilgrims to know the parishes, the people and the culture of the country. Through moments of prayer and volunteer work with the people of the parishes, the young people will naturally sharing and strengthening their faith, also they live the uplifting experience of the cultural and spiritual exchange.


jovens terra santa
Shalom Youth from Israel

Shalom Community groups live these days scattered in five parishes in Warsaw. The parishes are St. Jacob the Apostle, St. Mary Queen of the World, Divine Providence, The Annunciation of the Lord and St. Gregory the Great. The parishioners welcomed the young pilgrims in their homes by providing the lodging and meals. Each parish will have its own schedule with different activities but following common themes as the works of mercy proposed by the Holy Father for this Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy year, and cultural tours, lectures, concerts and everything else that only Poland can offer. An unforgettable experience in the land of mercy apostles: saint Faustina and st John Paul II.


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