Young Indian woman shares her experience with the Holy Spirit at the “Ruah” Pentecost Vigil

Hi everyone, I am Aroma from India.


I recently had the opportunity to get to know the Sunday Prayer group “Alive in Christ” through a friend. At the group they invited us to participate in the Ruah Pentecost vigil, so I did and I can say that the experience was amazing. I was feeling really down emotionally and mentally because I had gone through some changes in my life.  There was something that was bothering me and I was confused about a certain area of my life, but  during the adoration I could feel so much peace and it was such a beautiful experience for me.

I also remember Nara was praying and she said something like “there are some of you who are beating up yourselves for your own mistakes and you are pushing God away”, I felt very touched, feeling that those words were for me.

Also, one thing that was very uplifting was that I received prayer from a missionary and it was really wonderful to pray with her. She gave me a biblical verse and it made a lot of sense to what I was currently living. I thank God for calling me to be part of this beautiful Pentecost vigil and I felt God’s hands in my life… so I praise and thank God for that.

Aroma Solanki


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  1. I have had that exact experience! After falling, I find myself accusing, condemning and despising myself as if, if I did it enough I could atone for my sins. But a wise Shalom member once told us, “there is nothing you can do to make God love you more”. And another wise friend told me that God is very aware of my struggles, even the most embarrassing and vile ones, but still Loves me immensely that even while I was a sinner he died for me (Rom 5:8). If God loved me so much even as a wretched sinner, then best thing I can do is see myself as a God’s beloved and trust in his ability to save me just like a child trusts in its parents for its protection and nourishment. Thank you for sharing your story! Shalom!