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Shalom Acamps Summer Festival – Ready to go! Luana Santana - Jul 5, 2022 Church Shalom Community participates in the World Meeting of Families in Rome Shalom Carlo and an Eucharistic Community Shalom “All roads lead to Rome” Shalom Convention 2022 Formation To read and live the word of God Those who have the Bible […]

Moysés: To celebrate a Eucharistic Congress is to renew the faith and revisit the founding experience of the Shalom Charism

In 1980 a young man offered his life before the Pope in the offertory of a Eucharistic celebration. His offer was made for the evangelization of the youth and all men and women far from God and from the Church, and now he shares to thousands of people about the experience that started the Shalom Charism at a similar event that is taking place in Budapest.
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