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Celibacy: “A Life that together we choose”

My name is Rayana Soares de Sousa, I am 27 years old, I am a native of Massapê, a little town in the State of Ceará – Brazil, I have been consecrated in the Shalom Life Community and I’ve been a celibate for the Kingdom of Heaven for 6 years. Today I am on mission […]
Shalom Catholic Community assumes ‘San Lorenzo’ International Youth Centre in Rome

Shalom Catholic Community assumes the responsibilities of the ‘San Lorenzo’ International Youth Centre in Rome

On the 13th of March of 1983, St. John Paul presented the young people of the world with a gift. He inaugurated the ‘San Lorenzo’ International Youth Centre, a few feet away from St. Peter’s Square, in Vatican: a welcoming place for pilgrimages, encounters, prayer and evangelisation for all the young people who come to the Eternal city.

The Tau in the Shalom vocation

The TAU The TAU is in the form of the Greek letter TAU (T), which is in the shape of a cross. The two major influences for Francis, in relation to the TAU, were the Antonians and the Fourth Council of the Lateran. Saint Francis got the TAU and it’s meaning from the Antonians. They […]
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