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Jesus is risen! He is truly risen!

“Jesus is risen!” – “He is truly risen, as he said!” Those were Pope Francis’ words as he delivered his traditional Urbi et Orbi (to the city and the world) message from the central loggia of St Peter’s Basilica on a sunny Easter Sunday. The Pope said that “by his resurrection, Jesus Christ has set […]

Church of The Risen One Who went through the Cross

A house with open doors where many will come and from where many will leave, having experienced God’s mercy which can transform lives. This is the Church of The Risen One Who went through the Cross that is being built at Shalom Catholic Community’s headquarters in Aquiraz, metropolitan area of ​​Fortaleza city, Brazil. Sand and metal so far. […]

In the Risen Christ, the man dressed in life

—————– (excerpts from the preaching of Moses Easter Azevedo in 2007 – Tried to maintain the conversational tone) Christ is risen, Hallelujah. He is truly risen! Hallelujah! Saint Paul himself said: “If Christ has not been raised, then our faith is in vain”. But as Christ is risen from the dead, we are the happiest […]

The day of a New Creation!

Our beginning and our future are Light! Light inaugurated the work of creation, at the beginning of everything, and Light is also inaugurating the work of the New Creation.
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