2 years of Miracles!

Miracle! This is the best word to explain about these two lasts years of the presence of the Shalom Catholic Community in the Philippines. Miracle because this is the will of God to this country and to this people. Miracle because through this Charisma of peace God showed, and continues showing us, what is His way. The way of the true life! As a new community, and together with the Church, we are called to spread the Hope, the Love and the Joy from our God, Jesus Christ, the One who passed trough the Cross.
Two years of mission, as a foundation, we know that it is not enough. We are just starting something that really started 37 years ago in Brazil. A young man offered his life before God, and the Church, and now it is our time to continue offering our lives and trust that everything come from God, because our God is a God of miracles. The missionaries from Shalom Catholic Community, in the Philippines, lived in different places during this two years. But every place was a place where we learned more what being church means.  Of course if someone asks us if it was easy, the answer will be: No. But we can not stop at “No”, because the Kingdom of God never stops!
Day by day, mission by mission, life by life we continue ‘hiking’ this mountain of faith. But we are not alone. With us come the young people, the families, the children, the single people, the celibates, the priests and all of them is the most important reason to know that the power from the Holy Spirit made us become a faithful people. In the Philippines we are discovering that the way to the transformation of the world is the faith. The way to live as a glad person is the perseverance. And our way is God. “Thank you, Lord, for choosing us!” Amen!


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