20 tons of love campaign for Mozambique

The Shalom Catholic Community in Mozambique, Africa, alongside the Shalom Human Promotion Advisory, launched the “20 Tons of Love for Mozambique” campaign.


The aim is to collect donations to support those in most need. The construction of a library filled with educational books and film is part of the project.

Follow the list of some necessary items:

* Books

* Clothing items

* Dictionaries

* Educational books and DVDs


The mission

In order to spread hope to people of Mozambique collaborating in the formation of a new youth, the Shalom Catholic Community sent around 5 missionaries on July 2017 to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.

The Community is already present in Africa in Madagascar, Tunisia, Algeria, and Cape Verde.


Shalom in Maputo: how it all began


According to the Archbishop of Maputo, Francisco Chimoio, who recently went to visit the Shalom Community’s Head Office in Aquiraz: “The Mozambican youth are the target of hope for the country devastated by continuous wars. They will be the re-builders of the society. If they welcome the Gospel, they will know how to conduct the country well in the future.


“The Community aims to be like a school of prayer and through our spirituality contributes to open a new Way of Peace, we hope to be the answer to the current generation and for the future generations” affirms the International Assistant of Shalom Community, Father Cristiano Pinheiro


You can take part in this movement of love through your donation. This and various other initiatives of Shalom Catholic Community are carried out with the help of benefactors who take up with us the commitment to promote a culture of peace in the world which awaits the manifestation of the children of God (Rom 8:19).

Do you want to take this mission with us? Support us!

If you’d like to donate by bank transfer, here are the codes:

Comunità Cattolica Shalom

Current Account: 100000008887 | Bank: Banca Prossima

For the national bank transfer the IBAN is: IT40W0335901600100000008887

BIC receiving bank (SWIFT): BCITITMX

Current Account: 100000008887 | Bank: Banca Prossima




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