3 prayers for well living the year of St. Joseph

Catholics around the world were thrilled by the announcement of the year of St. Joseph, a news that restates hope in the heart in a context so marked by the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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In December 2020, Pope Francis published the letter “Patris corde – With a Father’s heart” and announced the beginning of the year of St. Joseph, which runs until Advent 2021. Catholics around the world vibrated with this news, which renews hope in the heart in a context so marked by the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Next, check three prayers to recite during this period and live well the year dedicated to the Adoptive Father of Jesus Christ.

1. O Glorious Saint Joseph

O Glorious Saint Joseph, you were chosen to be the adoptive father of Jesus and you were an instrument of Divine Providence in the Family of Nazareth, we beseech you: help and aid the Shalom Catholic Community so that we never run out of material means needed to fulfil God’s designs for us.

Increase our faith and our generosity so that through our fidelity to the Communion of Goods, we may be responsible builders of this work which has been entrusted to us; and beneficiaries of God’s promises.

Intercede so that the material blessings of Divine Providence come upon all the Shalom Work in order for us to accomplish our mission to boldly proclaim Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

2. Prayer to Saint Joseph for the parents of the family

Lord, through the intercession of St. Joseph, the foster father of your son Jesus,

I come today to ask you to extend Your Divine Hands over all the parents,

blessing them.

Bless, Lord, the father friend and partner,

the father always near, who offers his lap and extends his hand,

but also the absent father, putting in his heart all your love.

Bless, Lord, the father who today receives the embrace of his children, and the father who mourns the absence of the son who left for Your arms.

Give him the consolation of the meek longing and dryness,

with Thy Divine Cloak, the tears they shed from their eyes.

Extend, Lord, Your hands of Love upon all the parents,

granting them the gifts of patience,

understanding, peacefulness, tenderness, justice,

faith in God and hope for life and its children.

Grant them Love, much Love,

so that each son is, for his father, a father.

And for each father to be, for his son, a son.

And to the children whose parents are with you,

gives the faith and understanding that parents never leave.

They just change places.

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

3. St. Joseph’s Novena

The Novena for St. Joseph is available at the comshalom portal. It is always time to pray it. However, some people like to do it in the weeks before the 19th of each month, because it is on that day, more specifically in the month of March, that the Church celebrates its zealous Patron. To access it, just click on the link below.

St. Joseph’s Novena


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