More than 50 priests participate of a retreat promoted by Shalom


20141202_112345More than 50 priests participate of the Annual Retreat for Priests, promoted by Catholic Community Shalom at Fortaleza. The 3rd edition of the retreat, that started this Monday (01), has overcome the other years in number of inscriptions, and has participants from many dioceses of Brazil, from Latin America and from the Holy Land. The theme ‘’They were glad when they saw the Lord’’ is going to be preached by the founder and the co-founder of Shalom,  Moysés Azevedo and Emmir Nogueira. The meeting continues until Friday (05).

Based on the page of the 20th chapter of the Gospel of John, the proposal of the retreat is the renovation of the sacerdotal ministry by the experience with Resurrected Jesus Christ.


‘’It will be a moment of grace, of renovation of spiritual life, and mainly, of experience with God, who, according to our Charisma, by contemplation, unity and evangelization, places us as an answer to this world, thirsty of God’s mercy.’’ says Moysés.

According to the founder, one of the goals of the retreat is to deepen the teaching of Pope Francis about God’s mercy for the man of today. ‘’In some way, Pope Francis inaugurates for us this Kairos as a Church, and invites us to live it. As a community, we wish to animate these servants of God in the service of humanity’’, he explains.

Many priests who are at the retreat know the Community closely, because they collaborate with it celebrating Masses and ministering the sacraments at Shalom’s evangelization centers. ‘’That’s why we are joyful and, at the same time, grateful and full of desire to share the graces that God gives us, so we can stimulate, animate and support the life and the mission of these priests where they are.’’ concludes Moysés.

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