A 6 year old child gifts Jesus with an apple for an achieved grace

The unusual note was signed by Daniel Oliveira, 6 years of age, a year 1 student from the Shalom School.

Criança presentei Jesus

The teacher came across the compelling scene in the Shalom School Chapel. A beautiful apple placed right in the middle of the altar, along with it, a special thank you note: “Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer. I hope you like the apple”.

Criança do Colégio Shalom presentei Jesus com uma maça por graça alcançada

The unusual note was signed by Daniel Oliveira, 6 years of age, a year 1 student from the Shalom School. The thanksgiving form the young boy came after him having undergone a very unpleasant situation, where a few days prior he alongside his mother Evelyn Oliveira, were robbed. The thief took the young boy’s backpack thinking that the mother’s mobile phone was inside.

The father, Marley Oliveira, shared with that his son was left feeling very sad. “He went out onto the balcony, and look up into the sky, he said “Jesus, please, make the man return my things. I really like my lunchbox, my backpack, and all of my books, please”.

Mayley recalls that a woman helped recover the stolen goods and after two days everything has been collected. In the same balcony, the father witnessed his son thanking Jesus: “Jesus, thank you very much! I will bring you an apple, because I like apples and I know that You will also like it”.

Due to the carnival season, the parents were only able to take the apple on Monday 2nd, and Daniel went to leave the apple where he always encounters Jesus, at the Chapel of the School. “We saw how small we are. Sometimes we want to say some big, sophisticated and beautiful words in order to thank God, but it is when we speak with simplicity that He hears us”, concludes the father. 


About the Shalom School 

Rooted in the millenary tradition of the Church to educate, the Shalom Catholic Community began the Shalom School in Fortaleza, Ceará. Currently, 50 teachers work directly with 438 registered students, alongside other professionals linked to the Education sector, such as coordinators and psychologists. With the mission to educate their intelligence and their heart, the school seeks to mould man as a whole, in his social and spiritual aspects. Which is why the institution offers a formation based on the principal values from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Translation: Gabriela Gois



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