“A mission that has changed my heart”

The expedition to Cape Verde includes twenty-one missionaries, twenty of whom are Brazilian and one Italian, who’s me.


July 2 was the first day of the mission and the day began with a Holy Mass celebrated in the mission house of the Shalom Community in Praia (Cabo Verde) by a parish priest of the diocese. After this, there was a very intense moment of prayer, in which we entrusted to God all that we would go to do to that people. We prayed that He could guide us and give us the necessary tools to make them know His love, which their hearts so badly need.

A mission that is changing my hearts
During the morning we went to a very poor neighborhood, we were divided up in groups and we went door to door to share with the people. We have seen very difficult realities; families who experience great hardship and no longer have any hope. Being able to talk to them, even to steal a smile or a hug, get to their hearts announcing the Word of God, it was an experience that filled us with joy. It was just the beginning of a mission that would change something inside us.

After meeting the people, we invited the children to a club in a public association that allowed us to use the space. For the children we organized some games and at the same time the counseling service was provided for mothers with various problems. In addition, the dental missionaries organized a sketch to explain to children the importance of tooth cleaning and how to do it. Finally, we put into practice what was explained, giving them brushes and showing them how to do on their own.

In the afternoon we went to São Tomé, outside Praia. This is a very poor place too; where there are houses that are located in a sort of mountain. One more time, divided in groups, we went to evangelize. I was very impressed by the faith of people where there’s so much poverty. They have nothing but they know that even if we are submerged by difficulties much greater than us, we are not alone; God is present next to us and gives us the strength to move forward. After meeting the families, we invited them to the Holy Mass that would be there the next day for the anniversary of St. Thomas.

In the evening the head of the tourist economy of Cape Verde and one of the parish priests of the Diocese of Praia came to visit us. The former gave us a summary of the economic and political situation of the country and the second dealt with topics such as the history and faith of this people.

A mission that is changing my hearts

The second day began with praise to the Lord to be able to thank him for all the experiences and meetings that made us experience the day before. After that we gathered in a moment of personal adoration.

Prayer is a very important part of the expedition and without it we would not be able to take steps forward, often, much bigger than us. It is a necessary tool to be able to open ourselves to others and to learn to love it for free, as Christ loves us.

In the morning we returned to the first district visited, we again invited people from that area to participate in activities organized in the public room that hosted us the day before. We played various games, played drums and guitars, danced and drawn with the children. The doctors and nurses welcomed the mothers by listening to their health problems and offered an orientation and information service.

At lunchtime we returned to São Tomé neighborhood to celebrate St Thomas feast, on that day the local people uses to welcome to their home anyone who wanted to share this moment. So by forming the same groups as the previous day, we went to the homes of the families we met. They hosted us as if we were part of their family and offered plenty of typical local dishes. On this occasion we have seen how these people, even though they have nothing, offer everything they have for free. Their welcome and generosity with people who do not know and will no longer have the opportunity to see again, have touched our hearts in the depths. After a long lunch there was the procession and celebration of the Holy Mass in their Creole dialect.

A mission that is changing my heartsTo end the day, we shared our emotions and feelings that impressed us the most. We all think that we are not just trying to help them, but we are also learning so much. They pointed out that we often give love only after receiving it, that we love only on terms, which we often find it hard to give gestures of affection. We have learned that it is easy to love our family and friends, but it is very difficult for us to love those we don’t know and as Christians we are called to do so. A very significant teaching was the sharing of the meal they had prepared to celebrate, that is to give free even if it’s a little.

This is just the beginning of a mission that is changing our hearts.

Anna Scacchioli


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