Acamps Summer Festival 2019 – II edition, Hungary


Organized by the Shalom Catholic Community, the Acamps aimed to offer all young people the opportunity to change their lives through fun, friendship, brotherhood, new friendships, experiences of prayer and adoration, favoring in any case a meeting personal with Jesus.

The Acamps Summer Festival held its second edition from 7th to 11th August on the largest and most famous lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton, in Hungary. The event follows the inspiration of the Shalom youth camps (Acamp’s) that already take place in different cities of Brazil and Latin America and this brought together over 300 young people of different nationalities, as Italians, Swiss, Spanish, French, Germans, Poles, Hungarians and representatives of the Holy Land.

During the mornings the young people were divided into two groups: those who participated for the first time made the Life in the Holy Spirit Seminar, while the others participated to a workshop on Christus Vivit. Following the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, in which each young person could experience the personal encounter with Jesus and make this relationship stronger. The afternoons were dedicated to recreation, a dip in the lake or sports tournaments. Before dinner, the highlight of the day: the mass. Finally, every evening there was a different party in which to go wild and have fun, including the Missionário Shalom show!





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