“All roads lead to Rome” Shalom Convention 2022

What’s special about Rome, besides the buildings of the pre-Christian era and the legacy left by the Roman Empire?


“All roads lead to Rome” The saying dating back to the times of ancient Rome fits perfectly for pilgrims of the Shalom Community. But, after all, what’s special about Rome, besides the buildings of the pre-Christian era and the legacy left by the Roman Empire? For Christians, Rome hosts not only the most important Churches of Christendom and the chair of Peter. It guards the testimony of faith of the first Christians who lived the Gospel radically until the last consequences and the bold proclamation capable of influencing the whole world. In a nutshell, it is the place of a living and current testimony, but rooted in the past. It is the centre of convergence while at the same time dispersion of the Good News. It is a place to renew the offer of life in communion with the universal Church.

Saint Francis in the Eternal City

Some important events in the life of the Patron of the Shalom vocation, St. Francis of Assisi took place in Rome. For example, in 1206, when he was in search of God’s will for his future, he left for Rome as a pilgrim. On this occasion, he leaves an abundant offering on the tomb of St. Peter and joins the poor at the entrance to the basilica to ask for alms (2Col. 8; LegM 1,6; 3 Comp 10).

In 1209, he pilgrims the eternal city this time in the company of his first brothers in order to ask for the approval of the Rules. Pope Innocent III, in an audience approves the way of life of the friars and grants them ecclesiastical tonsure and the to permission to preach. (1Col 32-34; 2Col 16-17; LegM III, 9-10; Legm II,4; 3Comp 46-53; Anp 31-36; Legp 67; Spec 26.)

Shalom Convention 2022

Following in the footsteps of Francis, the Shalom Catholic Community made a significant pilgrimage to Rome in 2007, on the occasion of the approval of the Statutes on an “ad experimentum” basis. Five years later, at the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Community, the first convention took place with the aim of receiving the final approval of the Statutes.

The last convention took place in 2017, at the 35th anniversary of the Community. In addition to the private audience with the Holy Father, this pilgrimage was attended by several pastors of the Church, such as Cardinal Rino Fisichella, Raniero Cantalamessa, spokespersons for the novelty of the Spirit for the Community. The program also featured a penitential day in Assisi in addition to an International Youth Congress.

The next pilgrimage to Rome will take place on 23rd to 28th September, 2022. It will be marked by an audience with Pope Francis, sharing the fruits of the mission around the world, listening to the voice of the Church for the Community, and renewing the life offering “at the feet of Peter”, just as it was done on July 9th, 1980.


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