Authorities Retreat 2021 Official participants list


Dear brothers and sisters, Shalom!

Every year, the Shalom Catholic Community brings together a considerable portion of its leaders in order to foster growth in adherence to God’s will on several levels. This year, due to the worldwide pandemic situation, such a retreat will be held online. Like last year, the retreat will take place over a total of 6 days, distributed like this: from Friday to Sunday (Aug 20th to Aug 22nd), and from Friday to Sunday, Aug 27th to Aug 29th, from 9am to 5pm (GMT-3 Brasília).

It was already our desire in the past to have more people attending the Retreat. Therefore, we sought to further expand the size of last year’s list, which had already been the largest in our brief history;

This year, in the period between the two retreat weekends, mini-courses and workshops focused on the realization of the Community’s mission will be offered to those participants who wish to attend. The content and schedule of these trainings will be announced as soon as possible.

With great joy, we disclose below the list of those convened and invited for the event and clarify that more information will be sent to the participants through the local authorities, as follows:

– Fortaleza: Regional Responsible;

– Diaconia: Communitarian Formator;

– Other missions: Local responsible.

Let us humbly entrust ourselves to the prayers of each brother, to the intercession of our Lady and her most chaste spouse, Saint Joseph.

May The Lord bless you! Shalom!


Deac. Saulo Maia Dantas
Communitarian Assistant


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