Belém (Brazil) and Lima (Peru) are the cities that will host the SYC 2020

“God was giving signs that the next places should be the cities of Belem and Lima,” according to Vitor Aragão, the Youth Advisor.


According to Vitor Aragão, Youth Advisor, the choice of the next venue of the Shalom Youth Congress (SYC) is the result of a discernment: “God was giving signs that the next places should be the cities of Belém and Lima,” according to the missionary. He also tells us that the icon of the Mother of Mercy will go on pilgrimage to both cities. In addition, Our Lady will be present at the Acamps Summer Festival, which in 2020 will be held in Italy.

For Aline Figueiredo, responsible for the young people in Belém (Bethlehem), the moment is of great joy, as it is the first time that the SYC takes place in the north of the country. In the land of Our Lady of Nazareth, the expression of Shalom youth is quite significant. “We believe that the SYC will bring us great fruits in the Youth Project for Jesus (YPJ), will also bring a renewal of our life offering, as young people, as Life Community, and as Covenant Community.”

Jonnes Dias, Covenant Community, says that the YPJ of Belém mission was looking forward to a SYC in that region of the country. He ensures that young people leaving for the city of “açaí” (regional food) will be very well received. “We have houses and hearts open to welcome everyone.”

The unity of the Charism

Having participated in six congresses, Jonnes has already visited several cities that hosted the main formative meeting of the Shalom youth. For him, it was very good to know the culture of different regions, but at the same time to contemplate the unity of the Charism in these places.

“The candle of Our Lady of Nazareth” is the main event of the city of Belém. When the image of the Virgin Mary passes through the city, all the people are reached by Her motherly presence. Jonnes already leaves an important warning: “You need to know the Basilica of Nazareth and pay attention to every detail, everything there speaks of God through Mary.”

SYC 2020 Latin America

Frank Zapata, secretary of the youth in Lima mission, shares that he welcomed the news of the SYC 2020 in his city. In the Peruvian delegation, 20 participants came to the congress in Fortaleza – CE. According to the young who is a disciple of the Covenant Community, preparations for the event have already begun, above all, through prayer.

Also a disciple of the Covenant Community, Marjori Small says that Peruvian culture is open, welcoming. The people of that land know and love their history very much. In addition to the historic center of Lima, young people who will be on their way to the Peruvian city will be able to visit Saint Rose of Lima’s house.


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