Braziland: Brazilian Party in the university


Last Wednesday, on October 2nd, Shalom Catholic Community promoted BRAZILAND! A Brazilian party with typical food, cultural dances and music was held in De La Salle University for the students to have the opportunity to get to know more of the Brazilian culture!

                The Shalom Catholic Community, present in the Philippines since 2017, will start heading a weekly prayer group in the place, with dance, praise and worship, prayer, formation and news for every encounter! The party presenting the culture of the missionaries’ home land was just an excuse for the students to get to know the missionaries and for them to get inspired to attend the following meetings.

                The students also had the opportunity to be involved with the Brazilian missionaries through the dancing of forró and samba, Brazilian typical dances, with them. The Project Bantu, a social project to engage poor children and teenagers into the art of Capoeira (Brazilian typical dance that has an African origin), was also presented to the students. In a fun, engaging and fraternal way, the coordinator of the project thought a simple class of Capoeira to the participants of the event, so everyone could enjoy a little of this dance that was made to symbolize a fight among the people involved, but it is actually a good way of teaching people how to grow up in cooperativity!

                Everyone enjoyed the event and had lots of fun! The missionaries hope that the participants, the students and also the Capoeira dancers, had fun and that the students are excited to join the weekly prayer groups they are preparing for every Wednesday afternoon!


Tess Montenegro

Shalom Catholic Community Missionary in Manila


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