Check out some of the attractions at Halleluya Festival 2016 – WYD!


Halleluya Festival, an integrated arts festival that has over 20 years, will be part of the official program of WYD, in Krakow, Poland. The organizers have partially released its artistical programme. The first three bands are Brazilians and will be performing during the days 27 to 29 July, at Szczepanski Square, with attractions held in many languages such as English, Polish, French, Spanish and Italian.


The first announced bands are: Missionario Shalom  (translation: Shalom Missionary), Alto Louvor (translation: High Praises) and the singer Davidson Silva. These are some of the most important names in Brazilian Catholic scenario, which also performed at WYD 2013 in Rio de Janeiro. In all, Halleluya Festival – Krakow will feature 15 attractions of music, theatrical performances and

The first three names confirmed to the event are part of the many musical groups in Shalom Catholic Community, which has held Halleluya Festival in Brazil for 20 years, starting in Fortaleza city and now with editions in many others capitals such as Rio de Janeiro, Natal and São Luís.

Halleluya0084Missionario Shalom band, for example, is one of the oldest band in the Community and has the mission of being a reference of Shalom Community in its way of living and missionary activity in Brasil and in more than 20 countries where it is present. In January this year, the band released its first DVD entitled “180 degrees“, recorded live at Halleluya Festival 2015, in Fortaleza city.

Larissa Moura

HALLELUYA Krakow Program

Wednesday: 27th July (14hs-23hs)

Thursday: 28th July (14hs-16hs; 20hs-23hs)

Friday: 29th July (14hs-16hs; 21hs-23hs)

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