Check the possible warning signs of lust present in you

Let us do an examination of conscience and see if these “symptoms” are present in our life, in order to recognize if we are being contaminated by the addiction of lust.


You have been following the Vices and Virtues Series here on We have already spoken of the definition of an addiction, called impurity, but also known as lust. Today we present five warning signs of possible lust in us. Check it out below:

1 – To allow certain images when watching movies or TV series: sometimes when we watch a movie or a Tv series where sex scenes appear. In fact, it is rare that these do not appear today.

They are not exactly a pornographic scene, however, they almost are. They do not show the genitals, but show practically the rest of the body, in addition to sounds and movements.

There are people who boast about not watching pornography, but they can easily watch these types of scenes.

Watching these types of images stimulates our body to some degree, so if we do not intend to ‘skip’ such scenes, perhaps it is because to some extent, we want to watch them, highlighting the signs of lust that exist in us.

2 – Sensualism in dressings: women with clothes that expose their bodies (ex: low-cut blouses, short skirts, bikini, etc.) and men who overly dress signal that they want to be seen and, in a certain way, desired by others.

Although perhaps the sinful act itself is not the direct intention of the person wearing these types of clothing, behind it is a vain and sensual motivation, to awaken in those who see them something that a more modest outfit would not arouse.

3 – Exaggerated curiosity in conversations: sometimes, out of curiosity, we can let our conversations become too intimate between acquaintances, friends or boyfriends.

We can easily, if we allow it, go into areas of intimacy and reveal secrets that should not be revealed.

This curiosity can reach cases in which the conversation becomes obscene or indecent, or even includes acts of sin against chastity. This curiosity can be driven by lust. Be very attentive to the signs of this possible addiction to lust in you, especially women.

4 – Exaggerating caresses: this sign concerns couples.

Expressions of affection are characteristic of courtship.

It is important to show affection through kisses and hugs. It is also assumed that between lovers there is a physical attraction that impels them to seek each other.

However, it is not yet time to have sex. When the caresses pass from what is proper to courtship and get closer to what is proper to marriage, then it is necessary to stop.

Lust compels us to always go further. If we love we must respect and wait for the right time before moving forward in intimacy.

5 – Keeping certain relationships out of wedlock: this concerns married men and women.

Adultery is a serious sin, and for this reason, many see it far from their reality. However, in order not to reach it, it is necessary to be prudent.

It is not good to maintain relationships with people of the opposite sex that go beyond certain limits of intimacy, that is, in conversations, in frequency, in transparency (e.g., not telling the spouse of a certain friendship).

With the excuse of having a recreational space, an ‘escape valve’, lust impels us to fantasise, which hides in an innocent friendship, but which, without caution, can quickly become a betrayal and the destruction of a family.

Let us do an examination of conscience and see if these “symptoms” are present in our life, in order to recognize if we are being contaminated by the addiction of lust.

Translation: Gabriela Gois


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