Coming from different countries, young people share the excitement of being at SYC

Shalom Charism was born in Brazil and has already reached many places in the world. In this edition of the Shalom Youth Congress (SYC) is present youth of some countries where there are missions of the Community.


A truly international meeting. This is what we feel when we see these young people attending the Shalom Youth Congress (SYC) as we look at the flags, banners, shirts and the varied languages ​​that express this diversity of languages, cultures, and races.

For Daiana Polomo, from Argentina, the reason for being in this Congress when coming from so far away is to meet the Shalom people and fill in “the Shalom Charism, the preaching of Moysés, what is the core of the vocation.” “Even having the Community already in Argentina, we need to bring the purest of the Charism to help it grow and to bring it to all the people who do not know Jesus. If we are filled with the Charism, the only thing we will get is to overflow it, and this is the deepest desire of my heart and of all the young people”.


Mellanie Tavares

Mellanie Tavares, who came from Cape Verde, talks about the thrill of being at YCS with young people from other countries. “It doesn’t describe itself, it feels. It’s something that renews my faith by seeing other young people looking for what I want, so I feel more pleasure in seeking God and being closer to Him. If God sent me to be in this Congress is because it is a grace, and I want to renew my faith and answer ‘Yes’ to God’s call. ”

The Shalom Charism was born in Brazil and has already reached many parts of the world, reaching Maria de Jesus who traveled about two hours to go from Santiago (Chile) to participate in the Community activities and said it was “very enriching to feel what community really is in Brazil, very different from Chile in every way. ” For Daiana, also from Argentina, this is the mystery of God that “cannot pass through the mind and can only pass through the heart, the idea of ​​a Charism of a year of foundation and of which we already feel the love of God in it”.

Matheus Araújo


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