Community Shalom at the III Congress of Ecclesial Communities and New Movements


This November 20th, at Rome, began the III Congress of Ecclesial Communities and New Movements, organized by the Pontifical Council for Laity, with the theme ‘’ The Joy of the Gospel:  a missionary joy.’’

Cardinals, bishops, founders and representatives of more than 100 movements and communities, coming from 40 different countries of the 5 continents, get together to deepen many themes of great relevance for life and mission according to Pope Francis’s apostolic exhortation  Evangelii Gaudium.

The first edition of the meeting happened at the Pentecost solemnity at 1998, culminating with a beautiful and prophetic encounter between the new movements and communities and Pope John Paul II, at San Pedro Square. At 2006, also near the Pentecost solemnity, took place a great meeting with Pope Benedict XVI.

For the occasion of the Pentecost vigil in 2013, at the first months of the pontificate of Pope Francis, as usual at San Pedro Square, the Holy Father spoke to the members of the ecclesial movements and new communities, motivating them to to be, in Church, a sign of novelty, harmony and mission.
The polish cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, president of the Pontifical Council for Laity, opened this third edition, bringing evidence to the beauty of the diversity of the charismas that, in their differences, form one only body in the Church and with the church.

Among many important participants, we found Father Raniero Cantalamessa, secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, Professor Guzman Carriquiry and the Mayer of the Congregation for Bishops, Cardinal Marc Ouellet.

Representing Catholic Community Shalom, participated of the congress the founder and the cofounder of the community, Moysés Azevedo e Emmir Nogueira, as well as the International Assistant, Cristiano Pinheiro, and the responsible for the community’s priest formation, Father Denys Lima.

(By International Assistence Shalom)


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