Deacons of the Shalom Catholic Community were ordained Priests

Ângelo Júnior Alves, Edinardo de Oliveira e Marcelo Sales Araújo are awaiting their special day!


Ângelo Júnior Alves, Edinardo de Oliveira e Marcelo Sales Araújo were deacons of the Shalom Catholic Community, who were waiting for their special day: the solemn Eucharistic celebration where they would be ordained Priest by the laying on of hands and the prayer of consecration celebrated by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Fortaleza: José Antonio Aparecido Tosi Marques. The ceremony was held on the 22nd of December 2017, at 18:30, in the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Joseph – the the Archdiocese of Fortaleza.

They each received a specific and personal calling within the Shalom vocation. The calling to priesthood!  All are consecrated members of the Life Community, celibates and missionaries, each candidate first embraced the journey as seminarians by pursuing the academic study of philosophy and theology, the pastoral formation and completing their monograph, the whole process was accompanied by many challenges and joys all leading up to the day they were each ordained transitional deacons on 4th of August 2017.


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