Diaconia is the headquarter of the Shalom Catholic Community’s General Government where the advisories, secretariats and sectors are linked directly to the general moderator work. It is called Shalom’s heart, because it assists the missions in many services linked to the missionary and communitarian action, the work with the youth, and to the human and vocational promotion.

The name “diaconia” comes from Greek “diakoneo”, which means “service made through love”, without constraint and in a perfect harmony with Christ’s teaching. The name was suggested by the Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko in 2006, when he came to visit Shalom. At that time, the Community was making efforts to start the building of the General Government’s headquarter.

Placed in the district of Aquiraz, 27 km from Fortaleza, the place has a chapel, offices and communitarian residences. The architecture, the ambience and the iconography were made to remit, through the beauty and sobriety, the espousal love to Jesus Christ and to the peace communicated by him.

General Government

The General Government of the Shalom Catholic Community is headed by the moderator who is assisted by the General Council, elected in an assembly. According to the Community’s Statutes, the general moderator is into the mission of “being an instrument of the Divine Paternity and of the family’s spirit and unit inside the Community”.

The current time is considered the Community’s foundation period, in view that the founder, Moysés Azevedo is alive. Then, until his death or resignation, he has the role to be the General Moderator.

The moderator and the general council runs the community with the aid from the assistances. Which are: General Assistance, Apostolic Assistance, Missionary Assistance, International Assistance, General Formation and Economate.

The assistances are also management structures. The Human Promotion, the Community Assistance, the Liturgical and Sacramental Assistance and Vocational Assistance have the mission of stimulating the Community‘s life through their own realities and to perform the guidelines of the General Government.