Disciples of Christ Leadership Program

“Dear young people the Church needs your momentum, your intuitions, your faith.” (CV, Pope Francis)


Alive in Christ is about to kick off a new online adventure with young adults from all over the world. As the Spirit keeps bringing us into deeper waters, now God wants to form us “shepherds according to his heart” (Jer 3:15). For this reason we are launching a Leadership Program which aims to lead the participants to discover their vocation and place in the Church, to go on a mission, to evangelize at their universities, work places, families, and on the streets, to deepen their knowledge about themselves, in short, we will grow together on the knowledge and experience of how to be a disciple of Jesus today.

In the Christus Vivit pope Francis says: “young people, you are the now of God!” (178) and he continues saying that the church needs them. Jesus in the gospel chose many young people to entrust them with great things, and in order to be able to do great things we need to follow the master, listen to him with a humble heart, that’s what saint John, saint Matthew and others did in their youth. In this way blessed Carlo Acutis, Chiara Lubich, saint Francis and many other saints lived and found a true meaning for their lives. In this leadership group we will be called to find the way of sanctity that the Lord has for us.

The leadership group is promoted by Alive in Christ and organized by the missionaries of Shalom Catholic Community and it will hold monthly meetings on the last Saturday of every month. This program is open to everyone. However, those who already recognize the need to grow in their experience of God and/or feel identified with Shalom Charism will be called to commit themselves in a special way joining faithfully the meetings.

The leadership program will make efforts to be really practical and not just formative. For this reason every participant will be guided on this true discipleship of Christ, being called to evangelize in their daily life, intercede for the others, be open to the gifts of the Spirit, listen to God’s voice in daily prayer, be accompanied by the missionaries and by the end of the leadership period (that will last about 10 months), all will be called to go on an experience of mission in one of Shalom Community’s missionary houses around the world.

Everything shall be lived in a deep spirit of community and dialogue, all participants should deeply count on the help and fraternal care of the missionaries who will be leading this group. 

Looking forward to gathering and living this experience together.

If you are interested in joining you can register on the link:

Saturdays at 8 am NY/ 2 pm Rome/ 5:30 pm New Delhi on Zoom

Monthly formation program

June: Going on a mission and fidelity to God (general explanation about the leadership program)

July: Spousal love and life of prayer according to Saint Teresa of Avila in Shalom Charism

August: History of Shalom Community and the prophecy of the charism for this generation

September: Self Knowledge and human maturity (special prayer on healing)

October: Affections and sexuality

November: Movie + the gifts of the spirit

December: Leadership and protagonism x Shepherdship (how to be a good shepherd)

January 2022: Radicality of the gospel and evangelical counsels (poverty, chastity, obedience)

February: Sharing of goods

March: Diffusion of the Work (How a Shalom Prayer group can be open in your city)

April: Testimonies

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