Emmir Nogueira: Let ourselves be drawn by God as was the Virgin Mary


No other person in the world will ever be able to relate to God like Mary. However, according to Emmir, we have received the same love from Him.

In the Shalom Forum, the Shalom Community’s co-founder, Emmir Nogueira, spoke about the relationship of Mary and gratuity based on the book of Song of Songs. She made a comparison between the relationship of God with Mary who knew how to perfectly welcome the grace of God. “God embraced her in Love and she freely welcomed all of God’s love, and conceived without sin, she welcomed without any resistance. We also are embraced by God’s love and have received this same love. Although, we are resistant to God’s love “because of sin” he explained during his talk.

No other person in the world will be able to relate themselves to God like Mary, no one knows how to welcome God’s grace as she did. However, as in the relationship in the book of Song of Songs, in the same manner, God wants to hear from us: “Draw me after you, let us run”. Therefore, let ourselves be drawn by God without any resistance. Let ourselves be embraced by the love of God without resistance.

The gifts that God gave to Our Lady has its origin in his Love. He and only He is her safety”. Emmir highlighted that God wanted to have a deep relationship with Mary who welcomed the grace in all her being, body and soul.

“Give freely”
Someone who knows how to welcome in all of their being also knows how to give everything. The spousal relationship between Mary and God, like a prefiguration of the spousal relationship between the Church and God, is the strength which enables everything to be given.

Spousal Love is the total donation of the being. Mary, the Bride in the Song of the Songs book, the Church, also gives herself in her being, body and soul. The last thing that she gives is her Son.”

In an act of love for God, she gives herself by handing over her son. Freely she received, freely she gives. Freely she gives all of the Church. We can contemplate this donation at the Holy Mass. The beautiful chalice of pure gold which receives Jesus is the womb of Mary placed in the altar as the empty sacrifice and welcomes the blood of Christ. She concluded: “soon after this chalice is given to you, Mary received everything from God, and gave everything to God and to you”.



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