Emmir Nogueira speaks of the humility of Mary from the iconography

Emmir Nogueira spoke about the humility of Mary, “The All Little One” and how she is represented in the icons of the Shalom Charism.


On Saturday the 24th, in the afternoon, Emmir Nogueira, co-founder of the Shalom Catholic Community, gave the second conference of the Shalom Convention 40 years in the Saint Mary Major Basilica in Rome.  The theme of the talk was about the Virgin, and to address the theme of Mary’s smallness and humility, Emmir used iconography examples of the community. She specially spoke about the image that God gave to the General Council, of the icon written to express Mary “The All Little One” and also of the new icon specifically made to celebrate the anniversary of the Vocation at the Shalom Convention.

Before the talk, the co-founder explained that when an icon is written, from an appropriate spirituality, it reveals something specific from God and at the same time hides a mystery. Emmir looked at the three icons to discuss how Mary’s humility is expressed in each image.  She also commented: “In the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, we will talk about Saint Mary Minor. Below, see the icons that Emmir used in her talk.

 1 – Image of the Listening Retreat

According to Emmir, this image is a simple icon because it provides only the essential.  In it you can see the difference in size between the elements and it points out the real way to see the things that were written on it.  It should be noted that in the icon it is also possible to contemplate the tip of Mary’s veil touching the hand of Jesus and under this touch in the hand of Jesus is the rescue of the sinner.  “The vigorous hand moves over the subtle touch of Mary’s mantle to rescue the sinner,” he stressed.

 2 – Icon of Mary, The All Little One

In his talk, Emmir explained that “The All Little One” is poor, with bare feet and without many elements, as seen in the image.  Mary’s veil has many folds where all the people are sheltered by her.  “The Joy of Mary is all interior, she with her movement of lightness and dance, shows the femininity of the Virgin, who elevates and shows the mission of women, whose vocation and mission is to be a mother and humanize man. Her joy is to be nothing, to possess nothing. It touches the earth and it touches heaven, her head breaks through the top part of the icon’s background,” the co-founder said.

 3 – Icon: Jesus Christ, the Spouse who comes

In this third image, Mary opens the sky to the people she carries in her mantle, contemporary people.  From Christ’s wounds come blood, water and fire.  The fire sets fire to the saints and is sent by Jesus after his death as he promised before ascending to the Father and on the people there is also fire that falls from the heart of Jesus.

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Also according to Emmir, the Virgin brings a prophecy in this icon.  It says: “Shalom, a small cloud rises on the high seas; prepare yourself, Shalom, to welcome in abundance the rain that God has prepared. Thus, in the three icons, it is possible to see Mary looking at Jesus, at her womb and at the The latter, in particular, expresses how the Lord, our husband, will arrive at any moment.


Shalom convention 40 years

Date: 23 – 28 september

Place: Roma

Theme: Shalom – Friends of God, Friends of the Young, Friends of the Poor

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