Father Rob Galea and Ana Gabriela release version of traditional Christmas song

On Father Rob’s channel, the song already has thousands of views and dozens of comments.

Imagem: Divulgação

Last Friday (28), the traditional Christmas music “Divine Night” won a beautiful version in the voices of Father Rob Galea, Australian priest, and Ana Gabriela, consecrated of the Shalom Alliance Community. On Father Rob’s channel, the song, sung in English and Spanish, already has thousands of views and dozens of comments.

This partnership had been longed for by Father Rob since World Youth Day (WYD) 2019 in Panama. It was on that occasion that he heard about Ana Gabriela. The two artists participated in the Halleluya Festival held during the journey. “When the opportunity to produce a Christmas song came up, she was the first person that came to mind”, shares the priest. For him, working with the Brazilian singer was a blessing.

“I was honored with the invitation”, reveals Ana Gabriela. The missionary received the instrumental and instructions to record her part of the song in Spanish. The editing was done by the priest’s team. “This is a traditional Christmas song, the whole world knows it, the lyrics are wonderful, it speaks of the night of Jesus’ birth”. The result was exciting and has marked a lot of those who listen, as in the case of Catherine Soh, who commented: “Fantastic version […] I’m very touched”.

Halleluya Festival

On December 12th, the online edition of the Halleluya Festival takes place in Rio de Janeiro. The event will be broadcast directly from Christ the Redeemer. Among the confirmed attractions is Father Rob Galea. The shows start at 6 pm (Brazil) on the YouTube channel of the Catholic Community Shalom.


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