First vocational discernment meeting in Dublin, Ireland

“It is not that you who chose me, but I who chose you.” I don’t know His plans for me in Shalom, but I am sure He is leading me to something and He is preparing me for His work.


On Sunday March 13th, for the first time in Dublin, a group of 10 people started their vocational discernment year with the Shalom Catholic Community. People from Ireland, Pakistan, Malaysia, India, Brazil and Ecuador, all in one place to listen to God’s voice!

The first presence of the Shalom Charism in Dublin started with the arrival of two missionaries of the Covenant Community in October 2018. “We arrived in Dublin with a great desire in our hearts: to offer our lives for the evangelization of this country” says Bruna Frota, responsible of the current shalom activities in this city. Now they are six missionaries working in the evangelization activities that are hosted at St. Mary’s Pro Cathedral, such as a weekly prayer group, music ministry, and diverse activities for the youth. 

The vocational meeting was an opportunity to let some of the members of the prayer group who are interested in knowing more about the Shalom Vocation, have a deeper experience with God’s love and his call. One young man from Ireland, two young from India, two married couples from Brazil, one young adult from Ecuador,  and three members of the “Alive in Christ online prayer groups”, one from Malaysia, one from Pakistan and a woman from India. The meeting was permeated with moments of worship and adoration, talks about the vocation, sharing groups and a nice family atmosphere. “It’s such a blessing to see how people from different nationalities, gathered in one same place, are called by God, to follow Him in whatever vocation He thought for each one of them. Our vocational path is rich, it allows people have a deeper experience with God’s voice and our Charism is a true answer for each soul that thirst for God”, says Fabiola, life community missionary that makes part of the vocational meeting committee. 

Rijo’s Testimony

The first day of Shalom vocation was really good. I was very excited to know more about shalom and how Jesus wants me to be part of it. Only thing that I say is, “Let it be done according to Your will.” Just like Jesus says in John, “It is not that you who chose me, but I who chose you.” I don’t know His plans for me in Shalom, but I am sure He is leading me to something and He is preparing me for His work. I don’t ask Him why and how He is preparing me, but I only trust in His holy will. We can only do His will this life, so whatever He wants me to do in shalom, I am ready for it. The speakers were really anointed and blessed and it is so amazing to know their life and how they encountered Christ in Shalom. The adoration was really crucial and it impacted me a lot. That’s when you see how the Love Himself has humbled Himself to be with us in the form of a small bread. I am a missionary from India and I believe God has chose me for His work here and Shalom is the place where God intends to give me more anointing and His graces for the salvation of souls and for eternity. I am looking forward to walk in this path of discernment and I know Our lady is always with me in this journey. (Rijo Joseph John)



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