From Vatican to Brazil: Professor Guzmán Carriquiry talk about the impact of pope Francis’ pontificate in the world.




The cities of Brazil, Fortaleza, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro receive the professor Guzmán Carriquiry Lecour, in November in the days 3, 8 and 11. The topic of his talk is “The Pontificate of Pope Francis: the surprises of God, the joy of the Gospel and the hope of the people.”

Professor Dr. Guzmán Carriquiry Lecour is the first Secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, appointed by Pope Francis in may 2014. He came to Brazil to attend a conference sponsored by Shalom Catholic Community and the Archdioceses of Fortaleza, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

Dr. Guzmán Carriquiry works for over 40 years in the Holy See and he was an active and close collaborator of Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI. He is a friend and collaborator of Pope Francis from the time of Buenos Aires’ archbishop. As secretary in charge of the Vice Presidency of the Commission for Latin America, he is the first layman to occupy this very important position in the Vatican.

During his visit to Brazil, the secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America visit Shalom Catholic Community, in order to know more deeply its evangelization and Human Promotion activities.

For Moysés Azevedo, founder of Shalom Community, it will be a deep and mutual enrichment moment: “professor Carriquiry knows Shalom Catholic community for more than twenty years and in this second time he visits us, we will be able to deepen the great gift of God which is the pontificate of Pope Francis by someone who not only is close to the Pope but also has accompanied with watchful eye Church history in his last 40 years. It must be remembered that this visit occurs in very opportune moment: the Jubilee of mercy. Time at which the community seeks, through its work of evangelization and human promotion, correspond to the invitation from the Pope to be Merciful as your Father. We hope to strengthen the ties of friendship that unite us.”





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