Get to know “Makin’ Noise” spot, the latest of Halleluya in WYD


Halleluya Festival starts in the next July 27th and besides the music programme the latest of halleluya krakow to the pilgrims of WYD is the Makin’ Noise, a giant tent that will be open. While the event goes on with the opportunity of sharing of youth, artists and bishops of andll parts of the world. This is part of the Festival programme entertainment which will be happening on July 27th to 29th on Szczepanski square after 2pm.

IMG_0688One of the already certain presence will be of Bishop Peter Comensoli, from Broken Bay Australia as well as artists like The Sun and Hopen. Also Makin’ Noise will offer translation in English, Polish, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. Besides that, the tent will offer free WiFi for all visitors and electricity points to charge eletrônico equipment.

Teresa Maria, a Shalom Community missionary who is responsible for the tent Says the intention of the space is to ease an experience with God through the testemonies, interviews and work hops. “We want to transmit this happiness: an experience with Jesus Christ that changes lives” she affirms. Halleluya Festival also has the “Mercy Area” with priests ready to listen to confessions and a chapel with Adoration to the Holy Sacrament.

Check out the musical program of the event, day by day:

July 27th (2pm- 11pm)

Live theatre: “The Song of the Irias” (EN)


Davidson Silva


Missionarios Shalom


July 28th (2pm – 4pm; 8pm- 11pm)

Cardiac Move

Masterplan and Acts of the Apostles


Alto Louvor


July 29th (2pm – 4pm; 9pm – 11pm)


PJ Anderson

The Sun

Missionario Shalom e Davidson Silva


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