Get to know the image elements of the Shalom Authorities Retreat 2021.


August 22nd 2021

This Sunday morning (22), the founder and general moderator Moysés Azevedo explained the image of the Authorities Retreat 2021. The missionary did it based on his preaching that had as its theme: “A procession through the earth towards eternity”. Next, check out the explanation of each element. 

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Before presenting the details, it is important to point out that, each year, the Shalom Catholic Community’s liturgical advisory team has the mission of expressing the main points of the Authorities Retreat in an image. This process happens ,above all, by the grace of prayer, as each element represents something related to the content of the General Council’s Listening Retreat.

Authorities Retreat Image 2021

Well, this year, Moysés explained that the image of the retreat shows the Risen Jesus, the same one that is in the Chapel of “Diaconia General” (Shalom headquarters),followed by Our Lady. However, there is an important detail in the representation of the Virgin Mary: she is quite small. This is because this was the way found to express Mary’s humility. Soon after, there is an earthly procession.

Detail – Eucharistic Spouse, the same one found at the Chapel of Shalom headquarters

Detail: Our Lady “quite small”

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In this procession are all the men and women who are witnesses of Christ’s resurrection. They walk towards heaven, towards eternity. In front, as you can see, there is Jesus, who with one hand carries the standard of the Cross and with the other grasps the wrist of the man who suffers, wounded by sin. This is what all Community members are called to live in this new time, we are called to imitate Jesus in what he does with all humanity, and the way he does it… 

Detail: Earthly procession to heaven with the witnesses of theResurrection.

Detail: Jesus with one of his hands rescues man from sin.

It is also worth noting that the procession goes from earth to heaven and that Our Lady’s mantle covers the whole world. It is also important to emphasize that the clothing of the witnesses of the resurrection is, fundamentally, their offering of life. Therefore, in his preaching, Moysés deepened this last point.


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