Halleluya Festival: artists participate in online event in favor of institutions

With the participation of institutions, artists, communication groups, solidarity brands and people of good will, “Solidary Halleluya” will take place on June 7th, a live show on YouTube whose mission is to help the most needy.


Catholic institutions and artists, communication groups from Ceará (Brazil) and solidarity brands come together to hold the Solidary Halleluya, which takes place on June 7. The online program will have shows by various bands and singers of Brazilian Catholic music: Adoration and Life, Rosa de Saron, Missionary Shalom, Thiago Brado, Suely Façanha and Diego Fernandes, among others.

Solidarity is one of the hallmarks of the Halleluya Festival, which annually collects food for the most needy, in addition to collecting blood bags during the five days of events, in a long-standing partnership with the Hematology and Hemotherapy Center of Ceará (Hemoce).

Continuing this history, Solidary Halleluya appears with the intention of collecting donations for institutions that promote solidarity during the pandemic. Among them are recovery houses, shelters for the elderly and projects for the homeless. Check out the institutions and projects benefited by Solidary Halleluya.

Shalom Friend of the Poor

Socio-assistance project of the Shalom Association developed on an emergency basis, due to the vulnerability of people on the streets to the contagion of the new coronavirus in the city of Fortaleza – CE (Brazil). Currently, the project distributes hundreds of daily meals, in addition to offering services such as the distribution of drinking water, laundry and social accommodation.

Lumen Work

The Lumen Work, founded in the capital of Ceará, carried out, during the Covid-19 pandemic, several actions in support of the poor, especially people on the streets and drug addicts. In recent months, hundreds of people have been taken off the streets, including men, women and mothers with their children.

Uirapuru Spiritual Condominium

Created in the year of 2000 in Fortaleza – CE (Brazil), Uirapuru Spiritual Condominium brings together non-profit entities that develop activities based on Christian principles, and that assist people in social vulnerability, dedicating themselves to the recovery of chemical dependency; welcoming children and young people at risk; adults and children with HIV; events, educational and cultural activities, such as the Halleluya Festival.

Hope Farm

Hope Farm is a therapeutic community that has been active since 1983 in the process of recovering people who are looking to release their addictions, especially alcohol and drugs. The number of communities in the world has already exceeded one hundred structured units in countries in Asia, Africa, America and Europe.


Translation: Beatriz Duarte


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