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Halleluya’s inspiration came from a young heart.


The inspiration that gave rise to Halleluya Festival is nothing more than the same given by God to Moyses Azevedo, founder of Shalom Catholic Community. He was 22 years old when he decided in 1982, with a group of young, open a snack bar to evangelize young people. God wants reach the heart of every young to show his love. Twenty years ago born the first Halleluya in a park at Fortaleza in Brazil. In the occasion it was something small with no many participants in order to be an alternative to a famous out-of-season Carnival that was gathering the youth of the city. Today, the number of participants grew for more than one million persons in five nights of realization. 

Halleluya Festival is a new option of fun and joy with great shows with good music and dances of various styles. The content speaks of peace, joy, love, friendship, life and happiness. The Halleluya offers attractions with bands and artists whose inspiration is God and his message for today’s world. The joy that Halleluya festival offers is a lasting joy because it is not produced only by men but came from God. All artists who perform in Halleluya had an unforgettable personal experience with God and so became their friends. Friends of God who share their lives and their gifts for others to experience the joy that never ends. 

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