Have you ever heard about Shalom’s Koinonia?

Koinonia was not Shalom’s invention, but within the Work Shalom and the Community, it has a very special identity. Koinonia is a moment of effusion of joy!!!


Every charism within the Church involves a specific path that God inspires in a group of people called to that vocation. Franciscans, Carmelites, the Focolare, and many others, are called, equally, to holiness and union with God. However, the Lord inspires different ways to achieve this same goal. There is a path within the vocation, from there the traditions, rules and statutes are born and the proper way for each of these charisms to develop.

In the Shalom Catholic Community, we are called to be ministers and disciples of Peace, announcing the Risen One who passed through the Cross. Shalom members are called to experience contemplation, unity and evangelization in their journey to become spouse souls of Jesus, they love Jesus through loving the other. They offer their lives for the church, for young people, and for all men.

In short, that is the Shalom Charism! And within this Charism of Peace there are essential elements that are part of the daily life of the missionaries. And today we want to tell you about one of those essential elements of missionary life, which has a somewhat unique name, and is often not known by those new to the Community or the Work: KOINONIA. Have you ever heard about it?

Let’s start with the formal definition: Koinonia is a word of Greek origin and means “communion”. Among Christians, this term is often used to express fellowship, communication, sharing, having things in common, participation and cooperation with God and neighbor. In other words, Koinonia was not Shalom’s invention, but within the work and the Community, it has a very special identity. Koinonia is a moment of effusion of joy, of resting in the life of the brothers, of laughing until the belly hurts, of letting go of the daily pressures a little to be with another, listening to the other, loving the other. And this fraternal moment is so well known in the life of those who are part of the Shalom Charism, that even when many of the evangelization activities went online during the COVID-19 pandemic, the moment of joy and communion continued to grow.

Would you like to enjoy this moment of joy and fraternity? Come and see on our YouTube channel.



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