Hopen confirmed their presence in Halleluya Krakow


French band plays for the first time at the Festival Halleluya

The band was born in Lyon, France and is made up of Antoine, Camille, Charles and Armond, four brothers, who after a meeting with the band Glorious, decided to create their own band. They combine the passion for music, which they have since childhood, with the joyful witness of faith. They have “Music as passion, the brothers as sustenance, faith as a guide,” said Camille, drummer and percussionist of the band.

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Young people who have welcomed the invitation of Pope Francis to use their talents to serve the gospel with creativity and boundless, developed an ElectroPop style influenced by the great hits of today and the various cultural rhythms. “A current music to a modern church” is how they define their style that reaches a whole generation. A young music that brings in the electronic style the words of the Bible and the deep witness of the joy to be loved by God. A music marked by the desire to witness the hope that faith generates, as expresses the name of the band, formed by the English word “hope.”

In July of this year, the four brothers will launch their second album, entitled “Merci” and during the World Youth Day will participate in the Halleluya Festival organized by Shalom Catholic Community. The event – that will be one of the stage of the Youth Festival, spread in the city of Krakow – will take place on 27th, 28th and 29th of July on Szczepanski Square, in the city center. It will bring together 15 international artists, between them The Sun (Italy), Glorious (France), Missionario Shalom (Brazil) and Rex Band (India). There will be moments of adoration, confessions and alternative activities. Hopen will be present on the 27th of July with a show full of news.



Location: Plac Szczepanski (or Szczepanski Square)

Free Entrance

Check out the daily schedule:

27.07 (2pm – 11pm)

Halleluya (opening dance)

Eletronic Music – DJ Ronald Carvalho (from Brazil)

Alto Louvor (from Brazil)

Rexband (from India)

Show ‘The Chant of the Irias’ (EN – Theater)

Davidson Silva (from Brazil)

Hopen (from France)

Missionario Shalom (from Brazil)


28.07 (2pm – 4pm; 8pm – 11pm)

Halleluya (opening dance)

Cardiac Move (from Austria)

Masterplan and Acts of the Apostles (from India)

Glorious (from France)

Alto Louvor (from Brazil)


29.07 (2pm – 4:30pm; 8:30pm – 11pm)

Halleluya (opening dance)

P.U.S.H. (from Swiss)

PJ Anderson (from USA)

The Sun (from Italy)

Sister Cristina (from Italy)

Missionário Shalom and Davidson Silva (from Brazil)


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