“If it depends on me there will always be new priests”



The path of holiness of a priest begins in the seminary”. With these words, Pope Francis spoke to the participants of the Convention sponsored by the Congregation for the Clergy in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Conciliar Decrees on the formation of priests. Through his words we realize the great responsibility that we have in forming our future priests.


It was also Pope Francis who, speaking on the same subject, said that a priest is someone “taken from among men”, “ordained for men” and present “amongst other men”. He highlighted the importance of human formation in the path towards priesthood, along with spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation.  

In Shalom Community, seminarians receive these necessary formation in the Philosophy and Theology courses. They are also enriched by the gift of a communal life, fraternal love, according to the charisma Shalom, and apostolic service throughtout the Community’s many evangelization activities.


The Community has a special sector responsible for the promotion and formation of new priests which this year has as its theme “If it depends on me there will always be new priests”. If you wish to be part of this beautiful work of God in the lives of these young men but not limited to them as they will become priests not for themselves but to the Church all over the world, please consider this invitation. To be a sponsor doesn’t take much, just offer whatever you believe will be a sign of your gratitude to God and to the Church. Your little can make a difference!


How can I help the formation of new priests?

First, by praying! Pray for all Shalom seminarians and priests. Pray for them to be holy as Our Lord is Holy. The second way to help is to financially support the studies and costs of preparing a young seminarian for priesthood. Once you have decided the amount you wish to give, contact the Priests and Seminarians’ Promotion Sector of Shalom Catholic Community through the email:


On your email, don’t forget to quote: “If it depends on me there will always be new priests”! This way we will be sure that your heart is set not only on this earthly life, but on the Kingdom of Heaven. Be part of the Lord’s plan of salvation by giving new priests to minister His mercy to the world!



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