Shalom missionaries are holding evangelisation vigils at St Monica’s Church

Evangelization on the streets of London
Evangelization on the streets of London

Friday nights are always busy and noisy in many areas of central London where young adults tend to gather in pubs. Hoxton square is one of these areas. During November many people have been attracted by lively music, not to a pub, but to a church: St Monica’s Catholic Church, where Shalom missionaries are holding evangelisation vigils. Inside the church, The Blessed Sacrament is exposed and lively hymns are sung while people are praying. Outside the church, young people are evangelising other young people: “would you like to light a candle and pray for peace in the world?” this is how a conversation starts, leading to a time of prayer in the church, before the Blessed Sacrament. Afterwards, a hot cup of tea served outside the church, brings the opportunity to announce God’s love to those who
might don’t know Him yet or have been far from Him. According to Josirene Costa, one of the Shalom missionaries, “all our efforts are well worthy if the result is to bring God’s children closer to Him. When we come here every Friday night we die to ourselves and help others to find life, hope and comfort in Jesus”. Evangelisation vigils will carry on throughout November. If you want to know more about Shalom Catholic Community in London, please contact us on 07432 501250 or come to our prayer group every Wednesday at 7pm (St Monica’s Catholic Church, 19 Hoxton
Square, N1 6NT).

Spiritual accompaniment
Spiritual accompaniment inside St Monica’s Catholic Church


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