In the Park of the dancing waters, Warsaw became capital of friendship and hope


WhatsApp-Image-20160723It was nine o’clock in the morning in Warsaw when the group of young people from Israel coming with Shalom Community met a beautiful park with fountains of waters. The scenery inspired a song of praise to God and the joy involved them until one start to dance. Another group nearby saw them and left captivated by the music, then one of the young people from Shalom Community called your entire group to meet the other young group as they came to the week of missions before WYD.


The israeli young group of Shalom Community sang and the other group answered also singing, but in Ukrainian. Until they approached each other and started dancing together in pairs, one Arab and one Ukrainian. What was the dance? The dance of friendship. In a sunny morning of Warsaw summer young people from countries that facing long conflicts of race, were engaged by the joy of being brothers. After the dance, they shared their experiences and took pictures. Then each group went on their way to the parishes and the activities of the week of missions. The polish people who witnessed the meeting were moved and the seed of peace was launched in that park.


The place of this meeting was the Fontann Park. It’s a famous park where there is night presentations of water dancing in sync with lights and sound. But this morning who performed and danced was the friendship. What a joy to live with God! What a joy to see the love win in the lives of those who could have many reasons to not rejoice, but when the source of joy is God, nothing can steal our joy. Warsaw became the capital of friendship and hope.


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